Making sense of the OP-Z guide

Three pages of quick reference details that you can print, fold up and keep with your OP-Z so you can play with it without hooking it up to a screen. Plus some useful links. »

PO-33 K.O! sampler quickstart

There's more to it, but I've seen people get intimidated by all the buttons alone. This should simplify the main logic of the PO-33 interface as well as that of all the other pocket operators, which I've written more about here. The function of all those numbered buttons changes depending »

Thoughts on time

We divide the day into 12, and put the stopping points at noon and midnight. Now that our watches have screens, is there a better way? »

Talk: Coming up with new things

A talk I gave at Thingscon 2015 about how to come up with new hardware product ideas, and avoid bad ones. Also intro to KnowCards, a tool I made to make this easier. Talk on New Things at Thingscon 2015 Tina Aspiala - New Things from ThingsCon Ams Slides of »