Going deep into the MakeNoise 0-Coast , I found myself squinting at the PGM commands on the back of the unit and generally wanting an overall reference for this thing so I could remember details later. Made these cheatsheets for myself. I'm using intentionally non-technical language (The official manual has plenty of that if you really want to get into this). May contain mistakes, but maybe also helps some of you get your heads around this.

If you do find mistakes, let me know.

Here's the pdf of the cheatsheet below.

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Normalizations: How the 0-Coast is wired by default. The gold lines. NOTE: this has been made according to the diagram on page 5 in the manual, which may have a mistake. In practice MIDI B is a separate channel. Both A and B receive on all channels by default.
All connections, inputs and outputs, and the places you can override them (dotted). See caveat about MIDI A and B in the normalizations pic above, has been corrected here.

PGM/MIDI reference

Here's the PGM reference pdf. (seen below)

Here's a list of MIDI CCs and NRPNs that Benjamin Fox made.

I'm considering getting some colored sharpies and making the following panel adjustments for overall clarity